Real mum review: Our easy to pop-up Kid Active Play Tunnel

We’re parents ourselves here at Kid Active, so when we’re not busy thinking up new products for your precious ones, we’re at home testing our latest fun-filled creations on our own! Today’s review is from Claire Priem, our friendly Customer Services Co-Ordinator, who took a Kid Active Play Tunnel home to play with her 15-month-old son.


Kid Active is a range of toys and outdoor play products for active kids. The range features play tunnels for crawling capers, kids’ tents for hide n seek and trampolines for days with bounce!

Hi Claire, thanks so much for taking part. Has your little boy ever played with this type of toy before?
He has a small tunnel that he loves and when we go to Soft Play places he loves crawling through the tunnels.

How did you find assembling the Kid Active Play Tunnel?
Very easy! You just undo the straps and it pops into place.

Did you play indoors or outdoors?
It was raining outside, so we played with the Play Tunnel in the front room. The size of the tunnel meant it was perfect for this.

What was his first impression of the tunnel?

He couldn’t wait to get inside. He crawled through as soon as I popped the tunnel up!

What did he like most?
He liked putting his football down through the gap in-between the three tunnels and then crawling through them to get the ball. He also liked lifting the tunnels up and rolling the ball through the tunnels.

Was it easy for him to get the hang of?
It is a very simple product to use, children will know what to do with it straight away.

What did you like the most about the Play Tunnel?
I love how colourful it is and how easy it is to pop up and fold away.

What did he get out of the Play Tunnel?
My son is on the go all the time, so this was great for him to burn some energy. He also used his imagination and incorporated other toys (like the football) with it!

Was it easy to keep him engaged?
He played with this for a while, then he would go and play with other toys – but he kept coming back to it throughout the evening.

Do you think he would like to play with the Play Tunnel product again?
Absolutely. He has a Kid Active Trampoline, which he frequently uses. He likes playing with toys that use up a lot of energy!

Would you recommend the Kid Active Play Tunnel to other parents?
Yes. I think the size is great so you can use it indoors as well as outside. It’s simple and easy to use, which is great for parents.

Play tunnels, kids’ tents and trampolines, our Kid Active Play Tunnel is perfect for active kids.