LimboHop – The indoor game for active kids!

At Kid Active we are always inventing ways in which we can get on the go, it becomes increasingly important as the winter draws in and the summer nights disappear.

The feedback from a few somewhat frazzled parents is that space is a paramount of importance, anything that keeps the kids off the living room sofas from either using them as a trampoline/climbing frame or from becoming at one with them glued to a screen is a key objective.

This is where LimboHop comes in; encouraging children to jump up, limbo and get down to beat the sweeper, this game is super high-energy and has been created to enable kids to continually move while playing.

LimboHop can be enjoyed alone or with friends, and it’s also a great way to bring the family together, providing endless hours of fun for all ages.

LimboHop also hosts a number of other benefits when it comes to choosing a game that is suitable for indoor play.

While many games can be complicated to assemble and set up for play, especially indoors, this game is much more convenient as it’s quick and easy to put together.

Straight out-of-the-box, no batteries needed, and ready for action in minutes, the structure takes up little room, and can be transported around the house easily, without the need to constantly take it apart. The slim shape is also packed away easily for convenient storage.

As well as encouraging kids
to get active while playing indoors, LimboHop also teaches children to plan their moves and be reactive to the speed of the sweeper. This will undoubtedly help them with outdoor play and sports at school.

*Top tip* To encourage even more activity and fun during a game of LimboHop, try popping some music on so kids can dance while they limbo and even hop to the rhythm!

In partnership with Change4Life, Kid Active continues to get more kids on their feet and active.