On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! How to host your very own Summer Sports Day!

With the summer holidays fast approaching, and a spell of balmy weather on the horizon, we’ve picked our favourite fun and active games for your very own sports day - perfect for playful afternoons at home, or perhaps even at the park or on the beach.

Firstly, you need 3 key ingredients for a champion event:

  1. Friends and family.
  2. Pop up play tents, kids’ tunnels, balls and outdoor games – get creative with different shapes, sizes and colours.
  3. Heaps of enthusiasm, lots of laughs and, of course, team prizes!

Check the forecast for a sunny day so your event doesn’t get rained off unexpectedly. Rally your kids to get crafty and make sports day invitations for friends and family. They can get into the spirit too by making prizes; you could even bake biscuit medals for edible team treats! Plan your venue, pack your picnic and pick your products ready for a great day out. Healthy snacks and lots of water will keep everyone hydrated and fuelled for action.

Sports day events can feature a range of apparatus, big or small, but as long as you have plenty of imagination, and you’re all geared up for lots of fun, then anything goes. Here’s a few tried and tested games we love, and hope you do too:


  • How about creating an assault course, crawling through a tunnel, squeezing through a tent, stepping through a hoop, jumping over a hurdle and racing to the finish line. Organise your group into two teams and time them to see who is fastest.






  • Line up in two teams with two balls or bean bags. The first person puts the ball over their head and passes it to the second person who puts it under their legs to pass it to the third person, passing the ball alternatively up and over each time. When the person at the back gets the ball, they run to the front and start the passing again. When the first person gets back to the front the whole team sits down. The quickest team wins!


  • Sack race with a difference! Gather two teams and two pop-up tunnels. Half of each team starts at one end and the other half stands about 10 metres away opposite them. When the whistle blows, the first person in each team gets into the tunnel and has to bounce, hop, jump or run in the tunnel to their team mate opposite them. The second person has to do the same back to the next member of the team. Make sure everyone on the team has a go and the first team to sit down wins the challenge!      

Lots of laughter is guaranteed with the games above that will have little ones and big ones getting into the spirit of sports day. Whatever the weather, and wherever the location, it’s all about getting active, having fun and trying something new. Have you hosted your own summer sports day? Share your games ideas and top tips with us here.


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